We offer a range of summer and winter maintenance services for commercial properties, including grass cutting, garden weeding, litter pick-up, and snow removal

Landscape Maintenance

We provide full Summer lawn and garden maintenance:

  • Weekly lawn mowing and trimming
  • Regular weeding of gardens
  • Pruning of shrubs as required
  • Bed edging if required
  • Fertilizing

Litter Management

Carelessly discarded litter can add up on commercial properties. We offer regular:

  • Pick up and removal of debris from lawns and parking lots
  • Emptying of garbage receptacles

Floral Displays

Annual floral displays add colour and movement to commercial properties. In addition to the maintenance of perennial gardens, we also plant and maintain annual floral displays.Late May to early June is the optimal planting time.

Winter Maintenance

We provide complete snow and ice management.