We offer a variety of services for the complete maintenance of lawns, including regular cutting and trimming, aeration, dethatching, and fertilizing. We also provide treatment and repair for lawns damaged by grubs and poor weather conditions.

Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing

Regular maintenance of residential properties is normally done on a weekly basis, dependant upon weather and conditions. Maintenance may also be done on a biweekly basis as per customer request. Complete weekly maintenance includes mowing, trimming, and blowing off walkways etc. We will also cater to a customer's particular needs. Call us to set up a lawn maintenance program that is right for you.

Lawn Clean-Ups


Spring and Fall clean-ups can include removal of fallen leaves and debris, such as twigs and branches from your lawn. We also offer power-brooming services to remove gravel which may have been deposited on your lawn by snow plows during the winter. Dethatching and aeration remove the layers of spent grass which have built up over time, and inject oxygen into the soil, to allow for stronger sod growth.

Lawn Fertilizing


It is important to fertilize your lawn to give it the nutrients it requires. A healthy lawn is the best combatant against damage by drought and grubs. Spring fertilizing should have high nitrogen, and fall high phosphates. We offer fertilizing programs to meet your needs.

Lawn Dethatching


Over time, a build-up of undecayed organic material creates a thick mat, or thatch, on top of the ground. Dethatching removes this thatch layer. This helps prevent fungi and diseases from developing, and allows water and fertilizer to enter the root zone. Dethatching should be performed in early spring.

Lawn Aeration


Over time, all lawns develop compacted soil, which prevents essential air, water, and nutrients from penetrating the soil. Grass thus struggles to grow properly, and is unhealthy - which can lead to disease, attacks by insects and weeds, and will be easily damaged by drought. Core aeration relieves this problem, allowing air and water to penetrate the soil, and healthy root systems to develop.

Lawn Over-Seeding

Over Seeding

Damaged areas of lawns can be repaired by over-seeding the affected area. Spring and late Summer are the best times to administer over-seeding, as the conditions are ideal for the germination, and growth, of grass seed. Lawns can be damaged by various types of grubs, drought, and snow mould.