Lawn Seeding

The best time for seeding is in late summer. Seeding may be done in spring, but, due to our short springs, where temperatures fluctuate from sub 0°c to 25°c, there is a narrow window of opportunity for good germination. Grass likes consistent weather, with warm days and cool nights, and ample moisture.

We also offer spot seeding for small areas, and over-seeding for repair of existing lawns.

Sod Installation

And if you prefer an "instant" lawn, we also install sod. Sod can be installed any time from spring through fall; however it is best to avoid the hottest, driest part of the season. Sod must be watered regularly until it is firmly rooted. Water deeply, late in the day, to give the roots ample time to absorb the moisture. Ensure that the sod and soil beneath are sufficiently moist. Water evaporates from the soil during the hot afternoon.